Summertime and Farmers’ Markets

I love playing at Farmers’ Markets.  This summer is very busy with them and I’m excited about that.  The atmosphere is so relaxed and unhurried that I find myself wanting the Market to last all day, rather than just the morning.  Or, as in the case of the Market in Culver on Tuesdays, that it would last all night.  People are usually very appreciative of the harp music and my tip jar almost always gets filled.  One of my favourite parts of the market is being able to show off my harp and tell background information about the pieces that I play.  My harp is a lever harp that was custom-built by Rees Harps, located in Rising Sun, Indiana.  And the wood used, walnut, came from my family farm – from a tree cut down by my husband back in 1989.  So, to me, my harp (whom I have named Caroline), is already a family heirloom.

Many of the pieces that I play have significant meaning to me – but much of the time I will play something simply because it is beautiful.  Almost all of the music I play is my own arrangement – I love arranging music!

And, my most favourite times at Farmers’ Markets are when I am joined by Kelly Filson, a phenomenal flutist.  The flute and harp played together have a special, unique sound that is truly exquisite.



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